Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the truth hurts

Oh man, stupid decisions soon become stupid mistakes which cannot be undone. Sometimes I just regret so much that I've done, especially my behaviour. It's like I have no self-control whatsoever. I need to learn how to become a better person by correcting my faults and changing into the better person I know I can be. Like they say, If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Or in this case, don't do anything at all.

In other news, I am now cast-less! Thank God. Unfourtunately, I have staff training tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to AT ALL. The brick AND pia carry? I am not ready for that. I can barely even move my wrist.

Ugh, now I need to study for financial securities, catch up with computer science (not gonna happen), brainstorm for french project, start computer science assignment, start financial securities chapter 3 homework, catch up for math. I am definetly not going to do all this by tonight. Oh, I still need to do laundry and clean my room again. Great. Oh how I hate the results of my procrastination.

Let me hold you
For the last time

It's the
last chance to feel again